Why Hunt Wisconsin?

People come to Wisconsin from all over the world to hunt our whitetails because they’re hearty, large-bodied beauties due to the harsh weather climates throughout the year.

For example, the typical weight of a whitetail deer in Texas is approximately 150lbs – in Wisconsin, it ranges between 250-400lbs.

Now THAT makes for a great story to tell.

Why Burnett County?

Burnett County is home to some of the best hunting in Wisconsin. If you’re looking for the perfect get-a-way (but not too terribly far being located only 1.5 hours from The Cities), you’ll find Burnett County is nestled comfortably within a landscape of winding riverways, soaring pines and incredible wetlands.

With storied history, Burnett County is home to the world-famous, record-breaking Jordan Buck, the Wisconsin record black bear, and the state record Hook and Line sturgeon. But these trophies aren’t just tales to tell around a fire at the hunting cabin - hunters and fishermen are still pursuing trophies. In 2017 alone, two bowhunters harvested once-in-a-lifetime bucks which were covered in local and regional news. Additionally, the state record catch-and-release musky was reeled in last year.