Where are you located?

Chasin Dream Whitetails is located in Danbury, WI. Danbury is approximately 1 hour south of Duluth, Minnesota and approximately two hours north of the Twin Cities. The closest airport is Duluth International Airport. We do offer free transportation to and from both the Duluth International Airport and Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

How big is the ranch? Is the ranch high fence? 

Chasin Dream Whitetails is a 300-acre ranch enclosed with 8-foot high fencing. The ranch has a mixture of natural habitats, including open CRP, corn food plots, alfalfa food plots, and rolling creek bottoms.

Do I need a license? 

No, Chasin Dream Whitetails is licensed as a hunting preserve by the State of Wisconsin. We are provided with harvest tags that we will use when a deer is harvested.

What weapon can we use? 

Anything you want! While hunting at Chasin Dream Whitetails, you are able to hunt with a bow, crossbow, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, pistol, and/or spear.

Do you provide the weapon? 

We can provide the weapon upon request and availability.

Can you accommodate a group of hunters? 

Yes! We are currently able to accommodate a group of up to 6 hunters.

Can a non-hunter accompany a hunter? If so, how much is a non-hunter? 

Yes, a non-hunter can accompany any hunter. A non-hunter is $200/day.

What’s included? 

Along with the deer that’s harvested, meals, lodging, skinning, quartering, and walk-in cooler storage space is included in the pricing of the hunt. Deer pricing varies based on type and size of deer harvested. Please see the pricing section for specific pricing information.

What months are we able to hunt?

Because Chasin Dream Whitetails is a hunting ranch, we are able to hunt outside of a typical hunting season. We start our hunting season in August and end the season in February. If you are looking for a velvet deer hunt with a rifle, this is your best shot at fulfilling your dream.

What should I bring? 

We recommend bringing your own binoculars, comfortable clothing, and a cooler for meat upon leaving our ranch.

What is the right caliber rifle? 

We recommend using a .223 and up. We feel the most important thing to keep in mind is to be comfortable with the weapon you are choosing to use.

What’s the difference between a white, piebald, and regular whitetail? 

All three of the deer are whitetail deer, however, they all have different coloration. White deer have an all white coloration, piebald deer have brown and white coloration, and regular deer have all brown coloration.

Are we able to upgrade a hunt? 

Yes, per price list on white and piebald deer

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Have general questions before you book? Ask us anything!

Have general questions before you book? Ask us anything!